What's in for me?

For many business leaders and owners finding, training, developing, motivating and retaining staff is a source of significant stress. Understanding why people do what they do and how to influence behaviour and performance is critical to success in business. A good starting point is that the individual has clarity with answers to these three often unspoken questions

  • What do you want / expect me to do?

  • How will I know that I am successful?

  • What’s in it for me when I am successful?


It’s also useful for leaders to have a deep awareness of their own responsibility for the conditions and circumstances that prevail in their organisations.  Great leaders realise that change in their own behaviour inevitably influences the people around them to also change. 


The underlying notion, derived from the field of cybernetics, is that when one element within a system changes, the whole system must change in whatever way is necessary to adapt to that change. As a leader you must be the change you want to see.

People, Process and PROFit, aligned and integrated, are the foundations for your business growth. 


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