Event: The root of suffering has a repetitive thought process at it's core. Here's one way t

Suffering has at its core a repetitive thought process and costs us in many ways;

  1. It disconnects us from others,

  2. Brings our focus inwards on the self,

  3. Makes us insensitive,

  4. Denies us the joy that could be and denies the quality of being present with life.

Try as we may to change the external we continue to find ourselves in the wrong pattern.

Maybe that's because trying to change our external is like trying to stop an apple tree from producing apples.

The root is where change occurs. But how do you locate the root? And if you do find it, how do you change it to yield fruit you want?

These questions and more will not only be addressed at our upcoming event, they will be applied and made real during our time together.

If you're ready for a new outcome, then perhaps this is the best possible next step to get you well on your way.

At Being Limitless you will find a simple pathway to freedom from this suffering and the limiting states is creates in a form that lasts long after the event has finished.

Details below. If you have questions, you can leave them for us in comments below or on our Facebook Page here.

Being Limitless is a One World Academy event facilitated by Preethaji.

Mind Shift is a Promoter of One World Academy, their methodology, events and teaching.

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