Event: 5 powerful insights about suffering as a high achiever and 1 way to dissolve it

November 3, 2017



Who knew so many of us professionals are hiding a secret? 


Suffering is not a necessity for anyone – but freedom comes only to the bold.

Freedom demands of us the courage to accept responsibility for a simple choice, moment by moment. At Being Limitless you will become conscious of the choice and through awareness of it freedom becomes possible.


Suffering has at its core a repetitive thought process and costs us in many ways;

  • It disconnects us from others,

  • brings our focus inwards on the self,

  • makes us insensitive,

  • denies us the joy that could be and denies the quality of being present with life.

At Being Limitless you will find a simple pathway to freedom from this suffering and the limiting states is creates.



Suffering is like a fire. We burn in its flames because of the meanings we give to circumstances and situations that we encounter each day. We throw fuel onto the fire with our thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we hold in unawareness. At Being Limitless, you will have the opportunity to observe and question the truth of these meanings.



Stress and suffering will always arise for they are the products of thought and our human mind. At Being Limitless we develop our awareness to quickly become conscious of suffering and in recognising its source we discover how to dissolve it as it arises. At Being Limitless we develop our awareness to quickly become conscious of suffering and in recognising its source we discover how to dissolve it as it arises.


For high achievers, suffering is linked to an attachment to an outcome and thoughts about what happens if it is not achieved. At Being Limitless you will learn to create the space for intelligent action, make a break between through and action.


If you're exhausted with life.


If you are bored of hearing yourself talk about pain and tired of living in anguish when all around you is high achieving evidence - then perhaps it's comforting to know 87% of professionals who look the part, act the part, are in fact high achievers and hiding a secret. That secret is varying degrees of suffering. 


It may also be comforting to know that more of us are getting out of the suffering and living a life that feels good.


If you'd like to be on the other side of that 87%, then consider yourself formally invited to our One World Academy event in Galway Ireland end January with One World Academy facilitator, Preethaji.


Want to know more about Preethaji and One World Academy?  Go here. 






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