Event: One World Academy's Preethaji is in Ireland Jan 26-28, 2018 for Being Limitless, a journe

Who the heck is Preethaji and what is One World Academy?

Glad you asked.

Meet Preetha Krishna:

Preetha Krishna, better known as Preethaji is an Enlightened spiritual teacher, founder of One World Academy.

She is also a Philosopher, Wife, Mother, Celebrated Business Woman, International Speaker and author.

One World Academy is a philosophy and meditation school

serving students from all over the world, including:

One World Academy offers programs at their school in India and now in countries all over the world:

One World Academy embodies a new way of thinking, one the creates a total transformation.

What are we trying to free ourselves from? The system? The person outside? Or the conflict within?

The change starts with oneself here. At One World Academy you are not led by a guru or a deity. The teachers are deeply committed to taking you to a state of being where you discover the answers to your challenges.

You may think you are too busy to commit to spending your time with us, but we promise the time spent here will deeply enrich the rest of your time on earth.

Central to our philosophy is a meditation form so powerful that it frees you from suffering that stems from self-centric thinking.

One World Academy Course Offering:

1. Being Limitless - available in countries around the world.

2. Field of Abundance - available in countries around the world.

3. Field of Transformation - only available at the campus.

4. Field of Transcendence - only available at the campus.

One World Academy Programs can look like this:

Being Limitless, a journey to consciousness facilitated by Preethaji, is in Ireland January 2018.

#BeingLimitless #Preeethaji

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