Event: When thoughts create things we don't want, then what?

It is said that thoughts become things and so our inner state (thoughts) manifests as our experience (things) of life.

If we are unconscious of our inner state, then it may manifest in various forms of unhappiness. Things we do not want.

If we want to influence or change the thing, then reason would suggest that it is our thoughts that are to be altered.

But how? Well, one way of doing this is by awakening to wealth consciousness at Being Limitless. Here you will bring this awareness that makes thought change easy and facilitate you in becoming a conscious wealth creator.

If you want a different output in life, then perhaps it's time for a new input. Being Limitless Event in Galway Ireland could very well be that input. Details below. If you have questions, you can leave them for us in comments below or on our Facebook Page here.

Being Limitless is a One World Academy event facilitated by Preethaji.

To know more about One World Academy and Preethaji, go here.

Mind Shift is a Promoter of One World Academy, their methodology, events and teaching.

#InnerConflict #InnerConfidence #BeingLimitless

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