4 ways business owners are winning with meditation and a trend showing up for 2018.

1. Results – I used to believe that meditation was for people who wanted to opt out of day to day life and eschew all things material. Since working with One World Academy I’ve discovered it is a really great way of focussing on the results I need each day in my business and personal life, and ensures I don’t get side-tracked by other people’s agendas

2. Stress Management – again, my fear around meditation was that it would cause me to reduce stress by getting rid of my drive to succeed. With 5 businesses and 5 children, this simply isn’t an option. I’ve discovered, however, that by regularly practicing meditation I can bring myself to a space of peace where I can make better decisions and, while my life is very busy, I don’t experience high levels of stress.

3. Relationships – business is about successful relationships – with customers, staff, suppliers. I find that when I’m relaxed people enjoy being around me and interactions occur with much less friction. In my personal life I can be present with my family knowing that business is taken care of.

4. Balance – by using meditation to ensure my time is focussed on the activities that will add most value to my businesses, I can block out time to spend with my family and friends and still achieve my goals.

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