When it's all falling down these 3 things will pick you up.

Can you remember a time when you thought or felt the odds are against you, when you said to yourself why me?

Well guess what success leaves clues and so does failure.

Over the last 2 decades I have trained, coached and mentored thousands of people from all around the globe, from all different back grounds and all different cultures. What I have noticed that people regardless their education, financial success or their relationships had the same pattern when it came to feeling stuck, feeling they couldn't get back up and as you all know through experience it's not about falling down, it's about getting back up!

The 3 ingredients of getting back up:

1. See things as they are! Not worse or better, just as they are. Hit the pause button like you would be watching a movie and observe the situation as it is, look at it from different angles. It will give you a different prospective and with that different solutions.

2. Ask better questions! If you'll ask yourself shitty questions your brain will find shitty answers. By asking better quality questions (eg What's great about this?) you will direct your brain to focus on possibilities vs limitations. Change your focus, change your life!

3. Move! Often when people feel stuck, their whole body comes to a stand still or shuts down. When your in that state it's hard to open your heart and mind and think clear. By moving you will change your physiology and you will change your breathing which will get more oxygen to your brain and it'l open up your heart. Remember: How you feel is how you move and how you move is how you feel! Change your state!

For more info on how to get your self up, your team or your company contact me at oscar_vanrooy@yahoo.com to explore our opportunities.

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