3 ways the Cycle of Chaos costs you profits, time and opportunity.

The cycle of chaos is also known as the downward wealth spiral and describes a situation where we are continually operating from a place of stress. One of the many lessons that I have learned on my journey is that “Decisions taken in a state of conflict rarely lead to wise or intelligent action”. As all business owners know, emotional decisions can have significant consequences for businesses:

  • The business becomes reactive and continually dealing with crisis and emergency situations which are costly and time consuming.

  • As the business leadership and management focus mainly on emergency "fire-fighting" situations there is little or no time available for focus on planning and strategy.

  • As the leadership is operating under continual pressure, the work environment becomes highly stressed and causes challenges in the areas of staff retention and motivation.

The result is that the profits are reduced and the business owner is on an ever escalating cycle of stress and the business takes more and more of the available time leaving little for family and self.... leading to even more stress.

There is a better way, a cycle of order, an upward wealth spiral. As our state of being impacts our decisions and our decisions shape destiny, then a consistent conscious awareness of our emotional state is important in every area of life but particularly so in business.

The upward begins with bringing an awareness and recognition of our inner state in our moments of decision and there are 4 Steps to Wisdom - these are Recognition, Observation, Truth and Wise Action....or ROTWA.

To learn more join us the Working with Wisdom series of talk in Dublin and Galway over the coming weeks.

A wise man once told me that “Decisions taken in a state of conflict rarely lead to wise of intelligent action". We have all made a decision in an moment of anger and then lived to regret it.

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