Make these two simple changes and accelerate you journey towards your goals!

We all have goals and dreams, our individual list of achievements and possessions that we believe will bring us a sense of fulfillment, joy and success. Many times we struggle to bring them into reality, to manifest the life of our dreams.

From one perspective, they all are all waiting for us just outside of our comfort zone. If you really think about it, you will see that if all your goals and desires were inside your comfort zone and you would already possess them. The first shift we need to make is to continually expand our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is limited by fear and to manifest the life of your dreams, you must be willing to consistently step out of your comfort zone. Find those action items that you know will get you there but that you least want to do and put them to the top of your daily to do list - step out of your comfort zone and move ever closer to your goals.

If you really think about it, the goal itself is less important than the emotional state experienced by having it – so it’s about an emotional state rather than the object itself. It is impossible to experience the emotional state of wanting and having simultaneously. Therein lies the clue to the second change, the state of wanting an outcome is a barrier to the experience having it. To manifest effortlessly, put less emphasis on the state of wanting and focus instead on act as if your goals are already a reality. Use the power of visualization to experience the emotional state of having achieved your goals and dreams and experience the emotional state of having rather than wanting. Dedicate a little time every to visualizing, day dreaming if you will.

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