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November 7, 2018

to support company expansion plans for and beyond 2019

Rathmines, Dublin - November 7th, 2018

Teach A Brand To Fish, the firm that specialises in Marketing and Thought Leadership activity that supports sustainable and profitable growth for small to medium-sized B2B companies, have announced today the appointment of Joe Guthrie as Chief Executive Officer. This decision was made to support the continu...

August 21, 2018

“The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our inner state of being, the quality of the emotional states in which we consistently live. Destiny is the result of our actions and responses in any given situation. So, it is then that in our moments of decision our destiny is shaped.”

In our various roles in life, we face a constant stream of choices and the decisions and keep in mind th...

August 17, 2018

With the emphasis that is placed on goals today we could well risk feeling inadequate and a total failure unless we can toss out three lofty aspirations about our goals at the drop of a hat.  One example of the self-flagellation is the annual ritual of the New Year resolution. We know from experience that most often, the noble and lofty goals that we talk about at the turn of the year are often a...

August 14, 2018

Can you remember a time where you started a new project or hobby? The joy that filled your body that came from doing that project? The awesome feeling that came with having a sense of purpose? But yet, after a while, your internal fire started to dwindle. Your drive disappeared. 

And all of a sudden, the project that you were so happy to start has become a burden. You...

August 10, 2018

There are many templates for achieving  goals and there are common aspects to many of the them.  As a long-time student of Tony Robbins, his approach to achievement is very familiar to me.  It’s a deceptively simple, effective approach to achieving  goals. It starts out with Clarity on the outcome. This is followed by Massive Action and measurement of progress.

For action to be effe...

We all have goals and dreams, our individual list of achievements and possessions that we believe will bring us a sense of fulfillment, joy and success. Many times we struggle to bring them into reality, to manifest the life of our dreams.

From one perspective, they all are all waiting for us just outside of our comfort zone. If you really think about it, you will see that if all your goals and des...

April 15, 2018

There are many teachings about how our thinking influences out outcomes. Tony Robbins teaches that "where focus goes, energy flows.

Where we are not consciously aware of our thinking, our focus will be drawn towards one of the three areas that demand our focus in the absence of a plan:

  • Fear

  • Pleasure

  • Other Peoples Demands

With awareness we can direct our focus and out thoughts in a wa...

April 15, 2018

The cycle of chaos is also known as the downward wealth spiral and describes a situation where we are continually operating from a place of stress. One of the many lessons that I have learned on my journey is that “Decisions taken in a state of conflict rarely lead to wise or intelligent action”. As all business owners know, emotional decisions can have significant consequences for businesses:

  • ...

February 7, 2018

1.   You Either Get It or You Don’t – It’s time to start asking yourself the hard questions, identifying those patterns that are creating your results.  Are those patterns working for you now or is it time to do something different?

2.   You Create Your Own Experience – Take control of your emotional responses that are creating your results.  You are either at cause or effect; y...

November 21, 2017

Can you remember a time when you thought or felt the odds are against you, when you said to yourself why me?

Well guess what success leaves clues and so does failure.

Over the last 2 decades I have trained, coached and mentored thousands of people from all around the globe, from all different back grounds and all different cultures. What I have noticed that people regardless their education, financi...

November 16, 2017

I've been invited to facilitate a 1-day event with a group of Dublin Business Owners 25 November 2017. 

Mind Over Marketing is a Dublin Meet up who knows first hand that business growth and personal growth are 2 sides of one coin. The meetup founder, Shannon Eastman hits it on the head when she says: "80% of the time, a business owner doesn't need marketing to grow their business as much as they ne...

November 4, 2017

1. Results – I used to believe that meditation was for people who wanted to opt out of day to day life and eschew all things material. Since working with One World Academy I’ve discovered it is a really great way of focussing on the results I need each day in my business and personal life, and ensures I don’t get side-tracked by other people’s agendas

2. Stress Management – again, my fear around me...

November 3, 2017

It’s reasonable to say that we have all experienced with some degree of being overwhelmed in our lives.

I have spoken with many business owners that have had a more intense experience of overwhelm and have often described the experience as “a dark night of the soul”.

As a business owner you will know that when those critical challenges arise that you will often feel that you are entirely alone and...

November 3, 2017

Who the heck is Preethaji and what is One World Academy?  

Glad you asked. 

Meet Preetha Krishna:

Preetha Krishna, better known as Preethaji is an Enlightened spiritual teacher, founder of One World Academy.

She is also a Philosopher, Wife, Mother, Celebrated Business Woman, International Speaker and author. 

One World Academy is a philosophy and meditation school

serving students from all over th...

November 3, 2017

Who knew so many of us professionals are hiding a secret? 

Suffering is not a necessity for anyone – but freedom comes only to the bold.

Freedom demands of us the courage to accept responsibility for a simple choice, moment by moment. At Being Limitless you will become conscious of the choice and through awareness of it freedom becomes possible.

Suffering has at its core a repetitive thought process...

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